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TROPICAL NIGHT<First limited edition・A>CD+DVD

¥1,900 tax included

Item No. L100448-D
Part numbers:YRCS-90223
Release date:Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Label: LAPONE Entertainment


1. Tiger
2. Comma,
3. Forever Here
4. We Good

Passion of JO1 - Enthusiasm

 ◆Bonus information

<First Press Limited Inclusion Privilege>
1. 1 application lottery ticket (serial number)
2. 1 trading card (one of 11 types for the limited first edition A version is enclosed at random)
3. 1 selca trading card (one of 11 different selca trading cards (first limited edition Aver.) will be enclosed at random)
4. 4-cut photo (one of 11 types of first pressing limited edition A ver. is enclosed at random)

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★【Limited First Edition A ver.】1 jacket sticker
Size: 6 x 6 (cm)

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