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PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2 番外編 ~11人の軌跡、INIの奇跡~【Blu-ray】

¥20,000 tax included

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Item No. L100281-D
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◆How to buy

INI OFFICIAL FAN CLUB If you enter your fan club login information from "Click here to order" on the special site and proceed to the product page, the "Add to Cart" button will be displayed and you can make your purchase.

◆Product Summary

``PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 2'' is a survival audition program in which 101 trainees from all over the country compete in fierce competition. Re-edited using many unreleased videos of the 11 members of the global boy group "INI", which was born out of 101 trainees!
A story that more clearly depicts the suffering and conflicts of his 11 people, which could not be conveyed in the main program, will be delivered along with a newly filmed interview. You can enjoy the new PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2!

◆Product form

Blu-ray BOX: 20,000 yen including tax (18,182 yen excluding tax)
DVD BOX: 15,000 yen including tax (13,636 yen excluding tax)

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*You can order up to 1 set of each format.
*This product can be purchased as "Blu-ray BOX" and "DVD BOX" at the same time. If you would like to purchase two types, please combine them into one order. If you order them separately, they cannot be combined later. Please note that shipping and handling charges will apply to each order.

◆CONTENTS(common to Blu-ray and DVD)

11 discs, 90 minutes each

・Disc-01 Edited by池﨑理人
・Disc-02 Edited by尾崎匠海
・Disc-03 Edited by木村柾哉
・Disc-04 Edited by後藤威尊
・Disc-05 Edited by佐野雄大
・Disc-06 Edited by許 豊凡 
・Disc-07 Edited by髙塚大夢
・Disc-08 Edited by田島将吾
・Disc-09 Edited by西 洸人
・Disc-10 Edited by藤牧京介 
・Disc-11 Edited by松田 迅

*Contents may change without notice.
*Some designs and specifications may change.

◆Enclosed bonus

Includes 1 message card for each member

Front: INI member individual photos
Back side: Member's handwritten message
(Blu-ray BOX/DVD BOX common, 11 types in total)

*Handwritten messages are printed.
*One piece will be randomly selected from all 11 types. Members cannot be selected.


*This product can only be purchased by INI OFFICIAL FANCLUB members.
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