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Your Key<JO1盤>Blu-ray+CD

¥2,200 tax included

Period ends

商品番号 L100868-D
レーベル: LAPONE Entertainment

※This is a limited edition product for the first production.


- Blu-ray contents
1. ‘Your Key’ Music Video
2. TV anime “The Seven Deadly Sins: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” 2nd season non-credit opening video
3. Music video shooting making video

- CD contents
1. Your Key
2. Your Key ~Instrumental~
3. Your Key Anime size
Contains 4 other songs

Specifications: Digipack

 ◆Bonus information

<First press limited bonus>
①1 application lottery ticket (serial number)
② 1 selfie trading card (JO1 edition ver. 1 randomly selected from 11 types)

LAPONE ONLINE SHOP limited bonus
If you purchase either of the two formats (anime version/JO1 version), you will receive one "trading card size sticker" as a gift.

Size: H90 x W55 (mm) planned
*One type out of a total of 11 types will be given at random (all 11 types solo)
*You cannot choose the pattern.



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