【LAPOSTA 2024】 OFFICIAL GOODS Post-EC sales details

All official goods for "LAPOSTA 2024" held at K Arena Yokohama on Saturday, January 20th and Sunday, January 21st, 2024 will be on sale at LAPONE ONLINE SHOP! Please see below for details.

《Official goods post-sale/overview》
■Sales period: January 22, 2024 (Monday) 19:00 to January 29, 2024 (Monday) 23:59
*Products other than "LAPOSTA 2024" official goods cannot be purchased together.
*You can order as many times as you like during the sales period, but shipping charges will apply for each transaction. Please note.

《Purchase quantity limit》
We have set a quantity limit for each product so that as many people as possible can purchase it.

■Acrylic stand figures [28 types in total]/1,000 yen each
Size: Body approx. H120 (mm) *Varies depending on pose
Base H50(mm)
Contents: 1 piece for each member / 1 pedestal
Material: Acrylic
Up to 1 item per member per account

■Square can badge [group/random JO1 (11 types), INI (11 types), DXTEEN (6 types)] / 500 yen each
Size: Approximately W43 x H71 (mm)
Material: Paper, PET (matte), tinplate
Up to 5 items per group per transaction

■Trading cards [Random set of 3 by group, JO1 (110 types), INI (110 types), DXTEEN (60 types)] 1,100 yen each
Size: Approximately W55 x H90 (mm)
Material: paper
Up to 30 items per group per account

■Hoodie [1 type in total]/7,000 yen
Color: gray
Size: L, XL
Size L/Length 720, Width 580, Shoulder width 530, Sleeve length 620 (mm)
Size XL/Length 750, Width 610, Shoulder width 560, Sleeve length 630 (mm)
Material: 75% cotton, 25% polyester
Up to 2 items per transaction regardless of size

■Sweat [1 type in total] / 5,500 yen
Color: Navy
Size: L, XL
Size L/Length 710, Width 580, Shoulder width 520, Sleeve length 600 (mm)
Size XL/Length 760, Width 630, Shoulder width 550, Sleeve length 610 (mm)
Material: cotton
Up to 2 items per transaction regardless of size

■Bag [2 types]/3,000 yen each
Color: Silver, Aurora Green
Size: Approximately W300 x H320 x D80 (mm)
Material: polyester
Up to 1 item of each color per transaction

■Patch stickers [set of 2] / 900 yen each
Material: Surface polyester, back polyolefin, thread resin
Design: embroidery
<JO1> Emblem design size: Approx. W53 x H60 (mm)
   Character design: Approximately W55 x H48 (mm)
<INI> Emblem design size: Approx. W48 x H60 (mm)
   Character design: Approximately W47 x H48 (mm)
<DXTEEN> Emblem design size: Approx. W60 x H60 (mm)
   Character design: Approximately W60 x H48 (mm)
Up to 2 items per group per account

《Delivery schedule》
Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from around late April 2024
*Delays may occur depending on weather, natural disasters, traffic conditions, social conditions, and the delivery area. Please be aware of this before purchasing.
*Shipping timing varies depending on the order details and delivery area, not on the order in which the order was placed. Therefore, the shipping order may change. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from making individual inquiries regarding shipping.

*This product is a product for which delivery date and time cannot be specified.
※The image is an image. Please note that the actual product may differ.
*We receive many inquiries about order confirmation emails that have not yet arrived. If you are using spam email protection, please be sure to set your settings so that you can receive emails from [@lapone.jp] before purchasing.
*Convenience store payment is [advance payment]. The payment deadline is [within 3 days from the date of order completion]. If payment is not received within the payment deadline, your order will be automatically canceled and you will receive an email informing you that the payment is due. If you wish, please place a new order again.
*If you wish to change or correct the delivery address, please email us here by 3:00 pm the next day of your order. Changes will not be accepted after the deadline. In addition, if you change your customer information on the "Member's My Page" after placing your order, we will need to change your order details at our store, so please notify us of the changes by email.

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