【JO1】Serial drama W-30 “Drop” DVD-BOX will be released on January 17, 2024! Now accepting reservations! !

The DVD BOX of the drama series W-30 “Drop” starring JO1 member KINJO SUKAI will be released on January 17, 2024! Reservations accepted starting November 10th (Friday)!

◆Product details
Price: ¥12,540 (tax included)
Product number: YRBN-91583~5
Product format: 3 DVD set

◆Contents included
Main story: 10 episodes in total
“Episode 1: Fiery Transfer Student!! Hiroshi Shinanogawa”
"Episode 2 Attack!! Nishinaka Teru!"
"Episode 3 Hiroshi VS Nishinaka Joe This is my fight!"
"Episode 4: Great Brawl!! Komae Nishi Junior High School's Great Counterattack"
"Episode 5: Chofu Oniheitai! Akagi and Kato"
"Episode 6: The Strongest Masato Appears"
"Episode 7: Former Yakuza! Katagiri-kun and the Hitman"
"Episode 8: The strongest and the most evil! Tatsuya is defeated."
"Episode 9: Final Battle in Tunnel No. 3"
“Final episode, final showdown!! At the end of the big brawl”

Bonus footage: Crank-up collection/Behind the scenes of filming/Action making/Special discussion/Spot collection

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