【INI】2023 INI 2ND ARENA LIVE TOUR [READY TO POP!] OFFICIAL GOODS post-mortem EC sales decided!

All official goods of "2023 INI 2ND ARENA LIVE TOUR [READY TO POP!]" will be sold on EC at LAPONE ONLINE SHOP! This is a made-to-order sale, so don't miss out on this opportunity! Please see below for details.

[Official goods subsequent sales/overview]
《Sales period》
Monday, December 25, 2023 17:00 - Thursday, January 4, 2024 23:59
*Anyone can purchase as long as they order within the period.
*Products other than "2023 INI 2ND ARENA LIVE TOUR [READY TO POP!]" official goods cannot be purchased together.
*You can order as many times as you like during the sales period, but shipping charges will be added to each transaction. Please note.

《Delivery schedule》
Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from late January to mid-February 2024
*Since this is a made-to-order product, the shipping date will vary depending on the product you order. If your order includes items that require a delivery date, we will ship your order when all items are received.
*Delays may occur depending on weather, natural disasters, traffic conditions, social conditions, and the delivery area. Please be aware of this before purchasing.
*Delivery is not based on the order in which the order was placed, but may vary depending on the order details and delivery area. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from making individual inquiries regarding shipping.

《Purchase benefits》
For every purchase of 7,000 yen (tax included) or more in one transaction, you will receive one "2023 INI 2ND ARENA LIVE TOUR [READY TO POP!]" trading card (22 random/solo types)!
*It will be delivered at random. You cannot choose the type or pattern.
*Applicable to the product price. Shipping and handling charges are not included. Additionally, it is not possible to combine the amounts of multiple purchases. Please note.

[List of sales products] *All prices include tax.
BIG Uchiwa [11 types in total]/1,000 yen each
Size: Approximately W295 x H420 (mm)
Material: polypropylene, paper
*Up to 1 item per member per account

Color: light blue
Size: KIDS, M, XL
KIDS/Length 530mm, Width 400mm, Shoulder width 350mm, Sleeve length 510mm
M/Length 670mm, Width 500mm, Shoulder width 440mm, Sleeve length 620mm
XL/Length 730mm, Width 560mm, Shoulder width 500mm, Sleeve length 630mm
Material: cotton
*Maximum of 2 items per transaction regardless of size

Muffler towel/2,000 yen
Size: Approximately W1,100 x H200 (mm)
Material: cotton

Acrylic stand figures [11 types in total]/1,000 yen each
Size: Approximately W84 x H140 (mm) *Frame board size
Material: Acrylic
*Up to 1 item per member per account

Clear file [7 types in total]/500 yen each
Size: A4
Material: polypropylene

Trading cards [3-card set random/170 types in total]/1,100 yen
Size: Approximately W55 x H90 (mm)
Material: polypropylene, paper
*It will be delivered at random. You cannot choose the type or pattern.
*Up to 40 points per transaction

CAN BADGE [random/22 types in total]/500 yen
Size: Approximately 56Φ(mm)
Material: tin, paper, PET
*It will be delivered at random. You cannot choose the type or pattern.

COLLECT BOOK[1 random trading card (11 types in total) included]/ 1,800 yen
Size: Approximately W85 x H105 x D25 (mm)
Material: PVC etc.
*Up to 2 points per transaction

Trading card stand holder/1,500 yen
Size: W80×H150(mm)
Material: PVC etc.

Binder [Includes INDEX (11 types) and 20 trading card storage films]/4,000 yen
Size: W250 x H316 x D35 (mm)
Material: PVC, polypropylene, etc.

Quilted pouch [with charm]/2,000 yen
Size: W240×H150 (mm)
Material: polyester etc.

LIGHT STICK strap [with LIGHT STICK acrylic charm]/1,500 yen
Size: Strap/Total length approx. 600-1,200(mm) *Adjustable
Material: polyester etc.

chou chou [with charm]/1,200 yen
Material: Polyester etc.

池﨑 理人PRODUCE Chicken race T/4,000 yen each
Size: S, XL
S/Length 650mm, Width 490mm, Shoulder width 420mm, Sleeve length 190mm
XL/Length 770mm, Width 580mm, Shoulder width 540mm, Sleeve length 240mm
Material: cotton
*Maximum of 2 items per transaction regardless of size

許 豊凡PRODUCE Ready To Put It All IN!トートバッグ/1,500 yen each
Colors: BLACK Ver., which looks like it would go with any outfit, BLUE Ver., which makes me want to go to the beach even though it's winter, and GREEN Ver., where I want to go on a picnic.
Size: W435×H455(mm)
Material: cotton
*Up to 3 items per transaction

髙塚 大夢PRODUCE 大夢のおHANAタンブラー/2,000 yen each
Size: H126×86Φ(mm)
Capacity: Full water/450ml, lid attached/approximately 350ml
Materials: Body/stainless steel, lid/polypropylene, spout/AS resin, packing/silicon rubber
*Up to 2 items regardless of color per transaction

*This product is a product for which delivery date and time cannot be specified.
※The image is an image. Please note that the actual product may differ.
*We receive many inquiries about order confirmation emails that have not yet arrived. If you are using spam email protection, please be sure to set your settings so that you can receive emails from [@lapone.jp] before purchasing.
*Convenience store payment is [advance payment]. The payment deadline is [within 3 days from the date of order completion]. If payment is not received within the payment deadline, your order will be automatically canceled and you will receive an email informing you that the payment is due. If you wish, please place a new order again.
*If you wish to change or correct the delivery address, please notify us via email by 3:00pm the next day of your order. Changes will not be accepted after the deadline. If you change your customer information on the "Member's My Page" after placing your order, we will need to change your order details at our store, so please notify us of the changes by email.

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